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"I want to give a sincere thanks and point folks to Archery Strong if you are suffering with a shoulder pain or weakness. I had a shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in January of 2021. In June of 2021 I was struggling with recovery. I contacted Christian at Archery Strong and began doing his program. By August, I was shooting a light weight bow pain free. By October I was shooting a hunting weight bow. I'm now excited for 3D archery competitions. My shot is feeling stronger and my back engagement is better than ever because of the strength I've gained through the workouts. God strategically designed our bodies with the ability to heal itself. With Archery Strong workouts I believe I'm maximizing my bodies archery potential."


"Overall shoulder is definitely getting stronger again. I've incorporated overhead movements into my workouts with no irritation. Also with it being my bow arm I'm noticing even more stability which is awesome. Thank you very much Christian! This stuff works!"

- Vincent

"My shoulders feel good. I take that back. They feel great! They haven't felt this good since my accident. I hadn't been able to lay on my left shoulder since the accident. Now I can without pain. Your exercise program has been a blessing."

- Ron

"The Archery Pain Relief and Injury Prevention Program has been an incredibly useful tool in helping to eliminate my shoulder pain. I had suffered various levels of discomfort and pain until I started the program. I can now train both in the gym and at the range without fear of suffering an injury due to the foundation the program creates. I highly recommend this program to any archer who suffers from shoulder issues."

- Keegan

"I just started the program and am very excited about it. I love the exercises. I've had terrible shoulders for about 3 years now due to being a competitive swimmer my whole life. My shoulders are decent now but can't get much better. You're program seems like it's the one. Thank you for putting this together and delivering it in this awesome way."

"I can't speak highly enough about your program. I still can't believe that I am able to shoot 60+ arrows with no pain. And the general form corrections and stability that came along with the exercises."

- Dan

"This training is the best investment that I've made in my 40 year archery career." 

- Eric

"For the first time in a long time, I feel incredibly optimistic about my shoulder. We are making serious progress. The clicking/catching has decreased, not completely gone but decreased for sure. Thanks!"

"I shoot 40-50 daily right now 3-4 times on weekday. No need to warm up to shoot and feel no tension, no soreness, no tightness whatsoever after all the shots. It means I am getting stronger. Coach, thank you. Keep pushing it."

- Jimmy

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